Citra Classic Furniture has been founded in 1989 in the city of Solo, nicknamed the Spirit of Java. Since many years Citra Classic is a proud member of the PT MEKAR ARMADA JAYA group, a strong and widely respected consortium of some 40+ different industries and businesses. During it’s almost 25 years existence, Citra Classic has become a major player in the solid wood furniture exports.

Nowadays Citra Classic employs 300 people, houses state of the art machinery, sits on a 4 hectares plot and ships furniture to nearly all corners of the globe.

We don’t believe in outsourcing of production.We made this even our company policy. From log to packed product, everything is carefully produced, inspected and monitored under our own roof. Probably it's not the cheapest way of working, but we can guarantee quality and delivery time.

Vision and Mission

Our mission and vision is simply to become one of the mayor players in the Indonesian furniture business. We are very aware that Indonesia’s reputation has been damaged often in terms of reliability, quality, delivery etc. We strongly believe that Citra Classic Furniture can combine trustworthiness and reliability with the unique “Indonesian touch” which makes us different from countries like Vietnam or China.

Meet The Team

Far away but nearby..... In a world with growing connectivity, you often communicate with people you’ll never meet.  Herewith some of the faces behind these conversations :

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