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Our Story

Citra Classic Furniture, established in 1989 in Solo, Indonesia, has emerged as a cornerstone of the nation’s furniture industry.

Since many years Citra Classic is a proud member of the PT MEKAR ARMADA JAYA (NEW ARMADA) group, a strong and widely respected consortium of some 40+ different industries and businesses.

During it’s almost 25 years existence, Citra Classic has become a major player in the solid wood furniture exports

Founded in 1989, Citra Classic Furniture quickly gained recognition for its exports to the US market, specializing in garden furniture and offering bespoke production for clients' designs.
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During this period, Citra Classic Furniture expanded its market presence into Europe, Singapore, Taiwan, solidifying its position as a global player in the furniture industry.
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In a significant milestone, Citra Classic Furniture expanded its manufacturing facilities to cover a sprawling 40,000 square meters. Additionally, the company achieved subsidiary status under New Armada, a prominent holding company, further bolstering its operational capacity and market position.
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Recent years have seen Citra Classic Furniture take proactive steps in market initiatives, including the development of its own design line. Notably, the company has forged collaborations with renowned Italian designer Roberto, elevating its offerings and expanding its design repertoire.
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“Our commitment to 100% in-house production and quality control is the cornerstone of our operations.”

Our Approach

Our mission and vision is simply to become one of the major players in the Indonesian furniture business. We strongly believe that Citra Classic Furniture can combine trustworthiness and reliability with the unique “Indonesian touch” which makes us different from countries like Vietnam or China.

Excellence in the Heart of Innovation.

Our manufacturing facilities are meticulously designed, housing state-of-the-art technology that breathes life into every piece. Explore the synergy of craftsmanship and innovation as we redefine the art of furniture making.”

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