Professional Mass Furniture Manufacturing Since 1989
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Welcome to Citra Classic, one of Indonesian-leading furniture manufacturing company that redefines Craftmanship with Innovation.

Discover Nature's Luxury

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Exceptional Craftmanship

Curious about who we are and what sets us apart? Immerse yourself in the world of Citra Classic Furniture and discover our journey, values, and passion for excellence. 

Building Legacies Inside​

Discover Citra Classic Furniture’s rich legacy of craftsmanship and dedication to building timeless furniture pieces that become cherished heirlooms in homes around the world.

Precision Redefined, Quality Unmatched.

Our manufacturing process is a symphony of precision and expertise. Every step is an ode to excellence.

Unlocking Possibilities with Us.

Let’s embark on the journey of turning your concepts into timeless furniture creations

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